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International Conference on Veterinary Eligibility and Education

hosted by Japanese Society of Veterinary Science (JSVS) and jointly convened with 17th Asian Association of Veterinary Schools (AAVS) Meeting
Date: November 21 ~ 22, 2018
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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21 November 2018
What are International Veterinarians and What is Necessary for the Training of International Veterinarians
Topic Speaker Presentation
OIE Initiatives and Activities on Veterinary Education Hirofumi Kugita (Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, OIE) PDF
The Future of Veterinary Medical Education: How Should We Prepare Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges? Andrew T. Maccabe (Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges) PDF
EAEVE’s Perspective on Quality of Education to Train International Veterinarians in European Countries Ana Bravo del Mora (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) PDF
Reports from Asian Countries on Veterinary Eligibility and Education
Topic Speaker Presentation
Report from Indonesia: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Indonesia: Perspective and Future Challenges Pudji Astuti (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia-Academia) PDF
Report from Malaysia: Veterinary Education in Malaysia M. Hair-Bejo (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia-Academia) PDF
Report from Thailand: Veterinary Eligibility and Education in Thailand Chenphop Sawangmake (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand Academia) PDF
Report from Philippines: Veterinary Eligibility and Education in the Philippines Virginia M. Venturina (Central Luzon State University, Philippines-Academia) PDF
Report from Vietnam: Regulations of the Organization, Function, Responsibility and Power of the Veterinary Council in Vietnam Trinh Dinh Thau (Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Vietnam-Academia) PDF
Report from Korea: Development of Learning Outcomes of Day 1 Competencies for Graduating Veterinarians in Korea Pan-Dong Ryu (Seoul National University, Korea-Academia) PDF
Report from Taiwan: Veterinary Educational Systems and Continuing Professional Education in Taiwan Chian-Ren Jeng & Chao-Chin Chang(National Taiwan University & National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan-Academia)

PDF – 1

PDF – 2

Report from Japan: Veterinary Eligibility and Education in Japan Ryohei Nishimura (University of Tokyo, Japan-Academia) PDF
22 November 2018
Quality Assurance and Harmonization of Veterinary Education in Asian Countries
Topic Speaker Presentation
Accreditation System for Veterinary Schools in Thailand Theera Rukkwamsuk (Kasetsart University, Thailand) PDF
Accreditation System for Veterinary Education in Korea Sang-Soep Nahm (Konkuk University, Korea) PDF
Accreditation System for Veterinary Education in Japan Hiroyuki Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Japan) PDF
AAVS Website as a Platform for Exchange Information on Veterinary Education Takeshi Haga (University of Tokyo, Japan) PDF
Topic Speaker Presentation
Activities of the JICA Project (2014-2019) and OIE Twinning Program (2017-2019) in Mongolia Takeshi Umemura (Hokkaido University, Japan) PDF
Student Exchange Program between Japanese Vet School (Hokkaido University, Rakuno Gakuen University and the University of Tokyo) and Kasetsart University Mayumi Ishizuka (Hokkaido University, Japan) Pending approval
The ASEAN Veterinary Student Volunteer Project (AVVP) Tanu Pinyopummintr (Kasetsart University, Thailand) PDF
Joint Meeting of Veterinary Science in East Asia Jumpei Kimura (Seoul National University, Korea) PDF
Meat Hygiene in Asian Countries supported by the Ito Foundation
Topic Speaker Presentation
Beta Agonist Control Project: A Case Study in Thailand Prawat Rattanaphumma (Department of Livestock Development, Thailand) PDF
Parasitosis Ayako Yoshida (Miyazaki University, Japan) PDF
The Outbreak of Trichinellosis papuae in BanRai district, Thailand Teera Kusolsuk (Mahidol University, Thailand)


African Swine Fever Tomoyuki Tsuda (KM Biologics, Japan) PDF