AAVS Annual Meetings

1st2001Seoul, Korea
2nd2002Tokyo, Japan
3rd2003Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th2004Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5th2005Bangkok, Thailand
6th2006Jakarta, Indonesia
7th2007Taipei, Taiwan
8th2008Seoul, Korea
9th2009Seoul, Korea
10th2010Sapporo, Japan
11th2012Bangkok, Thailand
12th2013Surabaya, Indonesia
13th2014Seoul, Korea
14th2015Hua Hin-Chua Am, Thailand
15th2016Taipei, Chinese Taipei
16th2017Seoul, Korea
17th2018Tokyo, Japan
18th2019Putrajaya, Malaysia
19th (upcoming)2021Virtual

Other AAVS Meetings

Year (Month) Links
2020 (October)Extraordinary AAVS Executive Committee MeetingReport
2021 (January) AAVS Virtual Meeting on Veterinary Education in the time of COVID-19Meeting page
2021 (March)AAVS Session on Veterinary Education in Asia during ICAVESS Meeting page
2021 (March)AAVS-OIE-UGM Session on Collaboration between VEEs and International Organisations during ICAVESSMeeting page
2021 (July)AAVS Virtual Symposium on Accreditation of Veterinary Schools in AsiaMeeting page