Veterinary Educational Research in Asia – potential way forward

A webinar organized by AAVS Working Group on Veterinary Education Research (VER-WG)

Date: 31 May, 2022 | ZOOM


The AAVS Working Group on Veterinary Education Research (VER-WG) was established within AAVS to support evidence-based decisions and establish the culture of educational research in AAVS member institutions. The kickoff meeting of core group VER-WG was held in March 2022 and it was decided to hold the first virtual meeting as an introductory seminar on veterinary educational research, inviting speakers specialized in veterinary education and VER.

It was also decided to conduct a survey to gain information about existing VER activities, i.e. VER curriculum, published research, availability of trained faculty in the field of veterinary education and VER in Asia.


  • To initiate a dialogue on Veterinary Education Research among the AAVS member institutions
  • To impart awareness regarding the essentials of veterinary educational research

Participants Faculty members of AAVS member institutions and representatives of partner organizations

Program and presentations

1Opening remarksProf. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar, AAVS PresidentVideo
2Veterinary Education – an emerging academic disciplineProf. Dr. Ayona Silva Fletcher, RVC, UKPDF
3Qualitative research in action: what it can tell us and what it can’tProf. Dr. Elizabeth Armitage-Chan, RVC, UKPDF
4Survey findings – Status of initiatives related to Veterinary Educational Research in member institutions of AAVSProf. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb, Chair, AAVS VER-WGPDF
5Experience sharing by AAVS membersDr. Le Quang Thong, Nong Lam University, Vietnam;
Dr. Rebecca Parkes, City University of Hong Kong

6Panel Discussion / Q&A related to invited talks and survey findings2 speakers, moderated by Chair of AAVS VER-WGPDF
7Closing remarksProf. Dr. Fang-Chia Chang, AAVS Vice PresidentVideo

Group Photo