How can my institution become AAVS member?

According to the Bylaws of the AAVS, the regular members of the association are the heads of educational institutions (University, Faculty, Department, etc.) of veterinary medicine in Asian countries. To apply for a membership, the head of your institution or his/her representative should contact the AAVS office . Application to be a member must be endorsed by at least two member institutions and approved by the executive committee.

What is the difference between active and non-active members?

Active members are those institutions that have paid membership fees for the year.

My institution needs to make a payment for previous year’s membership fees. How do we do this?

You can contact the AAVS office. Payment can be made using Paypal, bank transfer or by cash at the AAVS annual meetings.

My institution needs to update our contact information. How do we do this?

Please contact the AAVS office.

How can my institution share information (e.g., about scientific or educational events, staff recruitment) with AAVS members?

Active members of AAVS can complete and send a form to the AAVS office. The materials that fit the purpose of the association, which is to advance the education, research and public services in veterinary medicine, maybe posted on the AAVS website.

Can my institution receive financial support to attend AAVS annual meetings?

Financial support may be available for selected members. You can contact the AAVS office or the host university.